Monday, July 20, 2009

Saria al-Sawas - Just Listen What I Say
سارية السواس - بس اسمع مني
Bas Esma Menni

This is part of our Syrian Debke Podcast

This is modern Syrian debke of a Bedouin variety, that managed to surpass professional manufactured Arab pop in Syria and the Gulf during 2008-09.

Saria al-Sawas - Just Listen What I Say

Just listen what I say, you who's driving me mad
I'm suffering and you're happy with it

Listen, just listen, you whose eyes are crying
It's as if you aren't listening
God give me patience

Layla oh Layla oh Omm Guthayla (Omm Guthayla might be a specific nickname for a girl with a particular physical feature but I can't figure it out)
How can I reach your heart?
What is the means?

We don't take our lovers from among our relatives anymore (this is a feature of the current generation of rural Syrian society that would differentiate them from previous generations, and refers to the fact that it has become less common for marriages between cousins to be arranged by their families)
We don't take anyone except the ones we like
And there couldn't be anything better

سارية السواس - بس اسمع مني

بس اسمع مني ياللي مجنني
أنا المتعذب وانت المتهني
اسمع بس اسمع ياللي عينك تدمع
كانك ما تسمع الله يصبرني

ليلى وياليلى اه يا أم قديلة
شلون اوصل قلبك
شنو هالوسيلة

ياحبايبنا وياحبايبنا
بطلنا ناخد من قرايبنا
واحنا ما ناخد الا اللي يعجبنا
وأروع ما يكونا


Duaa said...

Gaythala means side bangs in iraqi!! thats where it comes from..that phrase layla w ya layla ah ya om ghatlya is an iraqii phrase

Anonymous said...

I dont understand this song, ¿is she saying that she loves him? or ¿is she telling him to leave her alone?