Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ozeina al-Ali - If Only
أذينة العلي - يا ريتك
Ya Reitek

Yemmi (يمي) means Jembi (جمبي) in this case, ie "next to me." In no way is he singing to his mother.

Ozeina al-Ali - If Only You Would Come to Me

If only you would come to me
So I could tell you all my problems and worries
I planted you as a rose in my veins
But it turns out you're already part of my blood

Never have you felt for me
Nor have you loved me or cared about me
I've been fooling myself for so long
And it looks like I've sacrificed with my own blood

I used to cry at night in your absence
I wouldn't calm down until I smelled your clothes
I've been waiting for you for so long (literally, by your door)
And I've suffered while missing you, waiting

Oh world, gather up my wounds
You will never be happy in my absence
When you come back and knock on my door
I swear on my life, upon what I've suffered
I won't forgive you as long as I live

Turns out you've left me
Put out your fire oh world
I thought you were my true love
But it turns out your promises were all a mirage

أذينة العلي - يا ريتك لو تيجي يمي

يا ريتك لو تجي يمي
واسمعك كل صدى همي
زرعتك وردة بعروقي
وأتاري انت من دمي

بعمرك ما حسيت بحالي
ولاحبيت ولاعندك غالي
صارلي زمان عم اخدع حالي
وتاري ضحيت بدمي

كنت الليل ابكي على غيابك
ما ارتاح تاشم تيابك
صارلي زمان والله عبوابك
والشوق دايب على بوابك

يادنيا جراحي لمي
ماراح يوم تهنى بغيابي
وراح ترجع وتدق بوابي
وحياتك وحياة عذابي
ما بصامح الا على دمي

وتاري وتاري ياهاجر قليبي وتاريه
طفي نارك يادنيا وتاريه
كنت مفكرك وفي ياولفي
خاين وعودك كلها سراب

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