Sunday, July 19, 2009

Samira Said - We're Through
سميرة سعيد - ما خلاص
Ma Khalas

Updated media and translation

Samira Said - It's Over

We're through, what do you want from me?
Get away from me
Try to understand the past is over
Forget it

We're through, what brought you here again?
Put your mind at ease and forget me
I don't want you anymore

You say "you were once in love with me"
Quite frankly, I don't remember you anymore (meaning she no longer loves him)
So what are you talking about?

We're through, you've missed you chance
Go ahead and dream if you want
What do you want me to do for you?

Oh god, you're begging me
And you're dreaming of me
No, calm down a little
This is your imagination running wild

Don't let it even cross your mind that I might be returning to you
Look at yourself
Your talk will do no good

You are the one who started this separation
So it's normal that I am being cruel to you now
It's all nothing to me
My eyes see you and don't miss you

سميرة سعيد - ما خلاص

ما خلاص عايز ايه منى ايه
ابعد بقى عنى ايه
حاول تفهمنى الماضى خلاص انساه

ما خلاص ايه جابك تانى ايه
ارتاح وانسانى ايه
واللى هييجى منك والله مانيش عايزاه

بتقول انا كنت زمان بهواك
بصراحه انا مش فاكراك
وبتتكلم عن ايه

ماخلاص راحت يا حبيبى عليك
عايز تحلم خليك
وعايزنى اعملك ايه

يا سلام بتحايل في ايه
وبتحلم بي ليه
لا اهدى شويه
ده خيالك راح لبعيد

وبلاش يخطر على بالك لا
ان انا راجعالك لا
ما تشوف بقى حالك
ده كلامك مش هيفيد

انت اللى بالبعد بادى
ودلوقتى عادى انى اقسى عليك
كل اللى هاين علي تشوفك عيني ولا تحن ليك

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