Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kazem el-Saher - Walking on a Street
كاظم الساهر - ماشي بشارع
Mashi bi Sharia

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Kazem el-Saher - Walking on a Street

Walking on a street, calm, devoid of human life
But I am by myself, with the umbrella and the rain
Carrying the bag and notebooks and pictures
The sun has left and the wind is playing with the trees
Suddenly I hear the sound of footsteps running, running in my direction
And I turn around to see a beauty, a beauty that aroused my attention
She said very politely, "if you please, can I take shelter under the umbrella?"
And she took shelter beside me, oh my, so innocent you feel like she's a child

And so began a beautiful story of a wonderful surprise
And she's more wonderful
A thousand kisses oh rain
Oh umbrella, oh fate (meaning he wants to kiss the rain, and his umbrella because he's so excited)

كاظم الساهر – ماشي بشارع

ماشي بشارع هادئ خالي من البشر
بس انا وحدي والمظلة والمطر
بحضني الحقيبة والدفاتر والصور
الشمس غابت والريح تلعب بالشجر

وفجاة اسمع صوت خطوة تجري تجري باتجاهي
والتفت وشفت حلوة حلوة أثارت انتباهي
قالت بكل ادب تسمح احتمي تحت المظلة
واحتمت جمبي يا عيني كل براءة تحسها طفلة

وابتدت قصة جميلة صدفة حلوة وهي أحلى
الف بوسة يا مطر
يا مظلة ويا قدر

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