Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rim Banna - Sarah
ريم بنا - سارة

I'm not sure if this is a story about a real or imaginary girl named Sarah Sarai, but it might have something to do with the fact that in Hebrew Sarai is the original name of Sarah in the bible. If anyone knows the background of this song please post it in a comment.

المتصفح الذي لديك لايدعم مشغل الأغاني. دبر حالك و روح نزل البرنامج أو .<A HREF="">اضغط هنا</A> لسماع الأغنية.

Rim Banna - Sarah

Sarah Sarai was taking her first steps on the soil of Palestine
And her laugh was covering, covering the sky of Palestine

The sniper took her by surprise with a shot in the head, in Sarah's little head

Take the blindfold off of Sarah's eyes so she can see the face of her killer

ريم بنا – سارة

كانت سارة ساراي تدرج أولى خطواتها على تراب فلسطين
وكانت ضحكتها تغطي تغطي سماء فلستطين
غافلها القناص بطلقة في الراس في رأس سارة الصغير
سارة ساراي

ارفع العصبة عن عيون سارة حتى ترى وجه قاتلها


Anonymous said...

well i went a concert of Rim in Egypt and she said the story is a real story. A family in palatine, the Israels wanted to kill the father of Sarah and while they were in the car they shot on them and the bullet came in Sarah's head... its a real story and if sarah was living till now she'll be 10 years old...
Good Bless her soul

...y volverán said...

Yes, as far as I know, the story is a real one. The IDF shot her when she was a little child living in Nablus.

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