Monday, July 14, 2008

Julia Boutros - Arabic
جوليا بطرس - عربي

Julia Boutros - Arabic

I don't understand Arabic well, explain to me what does conscience mean (this is a play on words, the word "Damiir" is also a common grammatical term in Arabic meaning "pronoun")
This word has become forgotten, deleted from the world's dictionary
So why do they talk about it so much?
I don't understand Arabic

Lying has become mandatory for them, the truth is not up-to-date
They don't read the books of Earth nor the Heavenly books
If morals are not longer important tell me what is important?
The world is only interested in money, the rest doesn't mean a lot to them
A hundred faces, a hundred colors, they faces have become hidden
The universe is destroying itself, all in the name of freedom
There is no love left in their hearts, nor did they ever have hearts to begin with
The people are strangers in their own countries
He who is unjust today has pays a high price tomorrow (literally: the unjust one has a high bill tomorrow, meaning: those who are unjust in this life pay for it on the day of reckoning)

جوليا بطرس - عربي

ما عم بفهم عربي كتير فهمني شو يعني ضمير
هالكلمة صارت منسية بقاموس العالم ملغية
وليش بيحكو فيها كتير
ما عم بفهم عربي
صار الكذب عليهن فرض الحقيقة مش عصرية
لا بيقرو بكتب الأرض ولا بالكتب السماوية
اذا ما بقى الأخلاق تهم طيب قللي شو بيهم؟
بالمال العالم مهتم الباقي ما بيعني له كتير
مية وجه ومية لون وجوههن صارت مخفية
عم بيهدم حاله الكون كله باسم الحرية
بقلبهن لا مش باقي حب ولا مرة كان عندهن قلب
والناس بموطنهن غرب الظالم بكره حسابه كبير

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