Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lena Shamamian - Let Me Give Generously
لينا شماميان - دعوني أجود
Daony Ajoud

Alright so in this translation I've trained to preserve the original language of the poem somewhat to avoid rewriting the whole song, and have added explanations where necessary.

And to comment on the title, she says "da3uuni ajuud (دعوني أجود)" which means "let me give generously" or "let me bestow lavishly." The word doesn't have a good translation and I can't seem to get the meaning perfect in the sentence, but she's giving generously with weeping upon her son who has died, the idea in that is that the tears are like an offering to him, and that is why that particular verb is being used.

Lena Shamamian - Let Me Give Generously

Let me give generously with weeping upon my only son by myself
So pour down, oh tears, and reach my heart (literally: my liver)

My soul (literally: my heart) was seared on my most beloved (meaning: "my heart was injured badly because of what happened to my beloved")
And my skin betrayed me (meaning: "and I couldn't take it" or "my patience didn't hold up")

My only son has passed on, my beloved only son
So break apart, oh heart (literally: liver)

لينا شماميان - دعوني أجود

دعوني أجود بالبكاء على وحيدي وحدي
فانهمري يا دموع عيني وأثري في كبدي
فؤادي انتكوى على الحبيب وخانني جلدي
وحيدي قضى وحيدي الحبيب فتفطري يا كبدي

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Anonymous said...

btw . . jaladi means sabr.. as in patience.... not as in jildi ...

and my patience betrayed me