Monday, June 22, 2009

Wael Kfoury - Get Close to Me
وائل كفوري - قرب ليا

Updated media and translation

Sounds like a love song, but in the video its all about him and his kid.

Wael Kfoury - Get Close to Me

Darling get close to me
So my arms can hold you
You know how much I love you
And how precious you are to me

Darling may you be by my side
I want nothing but your eyes
I'm afraid of being my myself
If you're away from me for a little

How I love you when you speak
While you draw a smile on your lips
How I love you when you cry and complain
When I'm holding you with me
Darling you are the most wonderful person
My life is more wonderful with you
Your aroma your charm
Your voice your image
Have become part of me, inside me

Oh sweetheart reassure me that you won't leave me
You are my love and the trembling of my heart
And you are the light of my eyes
Oh darling you are precious
You are the moon of the nights
Stay beside me and put my mind at ease
And hold me tenderly

وائل كفوري - قرب ليا

يا حبيبي قرب ليّ
تضمك بايدي
انت بتعرف انا شو بحبك
وقديش غالي عليّ

حبيبي خليك حدي
غير عيونك ما بدي
بخاف الوحدة ابقى لوحدي
لو بتغيب شويه

شو بحبك لما بتحكي
ترسم ع شفافك ضحكة
شو بحبك لما بتبكي بتشكي
وعم بتغلغل فييّ
حبيبي انتا الاحلى
عمري بقربك عم يحلى
عطرك سحرك
صوتك رسمك
صاروا مني وفييّ

يا حبيب قلبي طمني
انك ما بتبعد عني
انت حبي ورعشة قلبي
وانت نور عينيّ
يا حبيبي انتا الغالي
انت قمر الليالي
ظل قبالي وريح بالي
وغمرني بحنية

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