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Abdel Halim Hafez - Loving You is Hell
عبد الحليم حافظ - حبك نار
Hobak Nar

Updated media and translation

There's one small point here in the translation that the word "naar (نار)" means both "hell" and "fire" in Arabic and is being used interchangeably here. He's talking about the torment he goes through in his love for her, represented as a burning fire, but the experience of that fire is best translated in English as the idea of "going through hell" as we say.

Abdel Halim Hafez - Loving You is Hell

Loving you is hell
Being away from you is hell
Being in your presence is hell (because he can't profess his love)
And more than hell

It's hell, my darling, hell
Your love is a fire (same word for hell) that I don't want to put out
Or let there be a moment I don't feel it
A fire, my darling, that woke me up and healed me
I love the world when I'm experiencing it

It's hell, my darling, hell
You melt me apart with this wonderful torment
And I send you a message with my eyes
It's not blame nor is it reproach my darling
It's nothing more than the word "ah" (which is an exclamation of pain)

Oh darling I love you

Oh, if you knew what I'm going through
And the desire that I've been hiding from you
Would your heart be up all night too with my heart saying "ah"?

Oh darling I love you

It's hell, my darling, hell

عبد الحليم حافظ - حبك نار

حبك نـــــــــــــــار
بعدك نــــــــــــــــــار
قربك نــــــــــــــار
وأكثر من نـــــــــــار

نار يا حبيبي نار
حبك نار مش عايز اطفيها ولا اخليهـــــــا
دقيقه تفوتني ما احسش بيهــــــــــــــــــا
نار يا حبيبي .. نار صحتني .. نار خلتنــي
احب الدنيا واعيش لياليهــــــــــــــــــــــــا

نار يا حبيبي نار
يا مذوبني بأحلى عـــــــــذاب
بابعثلك بعنيّه جــــــــــــــواب
مش لوم يا حبيبي ولا عتــاب
مش اكثر من كلمـــــــــــة آه

آه يا حبيبي بحبك

آه لو تعرف اللي انا فيــــــــه
والشوق اللي غلبت اداريــــه
كان قلبك يسهر لياليــــــــــــه
مع قلبي ويقول لــــــــــــه آه

آه يا حبيبي بحبك

نار يا حبيبي نار

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