Friday, December 6, 2013

Cheb Khaled - Aisha
شاب خالد - عائشة

This song was written by the legendary French songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman.

Khaled - Aicha

As if I don't exist
She was passing by me
With no regard, the Queen of Sheeba
I said, Aisha, take this, all of it is for you

Here, the pearls, the jewels,
also the gold around your neck
The fruits, well ripe with the taste of honey
And my life, Aisha if you love me!

I will go where your breath leads me,
In the countries of ivory and ebony
I will erase your tears, your sorrows
Nothing is too beautifull for a girl so beautiful

Aisha, Aisha listen to me
Aisha, Aisha don't go
Aisha, Aisha look at me
Aisha, Aisha answer me

I would say the words, the poems
I would play the music of the sky
I would take the rays of the sun
to light up your dreamy eyes

Ooh! Aisha, Aisha listen to me
Aisha, Aisha don't go

She said: "Keep your treasures,
Me, I'm worth more than that.
Bars are still bars even if made of gold.
I want the same rights as you
and respect for each day,
Me I want only love."

(In Arabic)
I want you Aisha and I love you to death
You are master of my life and my love
You are my years and my life
I hope to live with you, only you

خالد - عائشة

Comme si je n'existais pas,
elle est passée à côté de moi
Sans un regard, reine de Saba,
j'ai dit, Aïcha, prends, tout est pour toi

Voici, les perles, les bijoux,
aussi l'or autour de ton cou
Les fruits, biens mûrs au goût de miel,
ma vie, Aicha si tu m'aimes!

J'irai où ton souffle nous mène,
dans les pays d'ivoire et d’ébène
J'effacerais tes larmes, tes peines,
rien n'est trop beau pour une si belle

Aïcha, Aïcha écoute-moi,
Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas,
Aïcha, Aïcha regarde moi,
Aïcha, Aïcha reponds-moi

Je dirais les mots les poèmes,
je jouerais les musiques du ciel,
je prendrais les rayons du soleil,
pour élairer tes yeux de rêves

Oooh! Aïcha, Aïcha écoute-moi,
Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas

Elle a dit: "Garde tes trésors,
moi, je vaux mieux que tout ça.
Des barreaux sont des barreaux même en or
Je veux les mêmes droits que toi
Et du respect pour chaque jour,
moi je ne veux que l'amour"

نبغيك عايشة ونموت عليك
هادي سيدة حياتي وحبي
انت عمري وانت حياتي
تمنيت نعيش معك غير انت


Anonymous said...

Je suis polonaise et je crois que arabian chanson c'est meilleure!! :)
Vive le pologne, vive le Arabian!!!

TKG said...

Honestly, this is my all time favorite song. I never knew what the words meant until today. The words automaticly connected to my heart. Now, that I understand the meaning, I realize why I had such a strong connection to this song.


Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorit songs to

Anonymous said...

I named my 3 month old daughter Aisha because I loved this song so much. I played it to her while I was expecting her to make her kick and now she falls asleep when I play it to her. Such a beautiful song.

Anonymous said...

I first met this song on BBC Radio on Charlie Gillett's World of Music. I turned on radio in my car and it was playing Aisha.
That was almost instantly when I realized that this is really great and beautiful song. I listen Aisha over and over again since...

Unknown said...

my all time fav song , as it touch deeply to yr heart .

Anonymous said...

The correct word for this song is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation, was even more wonderful than I imagined it to be.

Anonymous said...

Thank you much.

Anonymous said...

I love this song, ever since it was released.
Can anyount post a transcryption of arabic part of the song in latin letters?

Anonymous said...

hi everyone, i am from malta. my language happens to be 80% arabic and i studied french for 5 years. you can image how much i love this song.

although my language is 80% arabic 1. i dont understand totally everything
2. my language is in roman letters (luckily for you) so i will try to translate...

Nibrik, Aisha u mmut alik,
Hedi, sejjit hajeti w hobbi,
inti, omri u inti hajja tiji,
tminnit en Aicha m'akrir inti

mmut alik - i will die for you
hajeti w hobbi - my life and my love

inti omri u inti hajja tiji - you are the span of my life to live and you are my life

other words are similar to maltese but i am not absolutely sure that they mean the same. thanks :)

Unknown said...

lovely song!! now that i know the meaning itz great!!

GM said...

Only power of love can inspire something so beautiful. One of the extremely rare cases when something as complex as love can be described so beautifully in such simple words.

Anonymous said...

the lyrics r all french....... wher is the arabic version?

Anonymous said...

thanks you verymuch
you are amazing for that jop

Unknown said...

I miss you girl
You aren't here enymore

I hope you're sleeping well

My best friend
I'll never forget you


Anonymous said...

i love this song ktiiiir...w my name is A'aisha and my brother is called Khaled hehe

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translation.

Anonymous said...

Always loved this song,, Now I love it even more,,,thank you

Ardistan said...

I remember dancing and singing to this song as a little boy. Now I discovered it again and it is so beautiful, even more now that I understand the lyrics.
I guess every man meets an Aisha once in his life.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the songs which i can really relate 2,,,,,,,:)
a guy has 2 hav faith in his love,,,,,even d toughest of aishaz crumble in front of true love,,,,,,oll a gal need is love n respect....n once she decides to sacrifice her freedom for dat love there cant be purer love dan dat.....!!

Unknown said...

well, maybe I'm wrong but what i heard is that the poet of this beautiful song is addressing to her daughter... and it's not for his lover. correct me if i'm wrong.

Seeker said...

C'est un meilleure chanson. C'etait le premier chanson que je apprends par coeur

Tariq Bin Af said...

Wow, I never knew the meaning of this ... it even translate beautiful even in English ... Im Arab an the words dont quite translate as it does in English (guessing the same in French also)

The words are more beutiful in Arabic than the translation as some words cant be described

But This is Love in this song. Love is being described. How do i know ? .. Because it happend to me once ...

I Love You Sabu ... Forever

Dani said...

This song is for all life!

ojok james onono said...

Hey,I really love this song and guess what, when my phone rings you will hear Aicha,I thing this music is no extraordinary cuz when i heard it playing i felt in love with it even before knowing the meaning that i have just read today!!

Unknown said...


I am looking for a song that I heard of Cheb khaled on the radio but I have no idea what its called because I dont speak the language. The lyrics went something like eska lali la or eska la li lou - Khaled sings the chorus and there is a female singer also singing with him - Would anyone possibly know what song this is?? I have been trying to find it for soo long

Unknown said...

Dear all brothers and sisters

can you please help in finding the lyrics or name of the song, i have it in my phone but google is not able to find it. can you arabic speaking guys help me in this.

The song is sad song and begins like:: Allah yahaniki feenii, Wallah yahanini feek (Female singer).

This song is all time best...Please help me somebody in finding this song