Thursday, October 27, 2011

Myriam Faris - La La Yaba La La
ميريام فارس - لا لا يابا لا
La La Yaba La La

This is a song from a musical film starring Myriam Faris and Syrian heartthrob Basel Khayat. I feel sorry for everyone connected this film in any way.

The phrase "la la yaba la la" does not appear to have any meaning in the song, it merely serves to complete the poetic rhyming effect with the name Hala.

Myriam Faris - La La Yaba La La

La la yaba la la
My name is Hala
I've come to the city to sell these masks
And the masks sold themselves

Where is everybody?
Come out and buy a mask from me
Where are the joy, and excitement, and voices singing?

Night after night, and this pretty young girl is still all alone

If I sell a lot today, I'll buy a few gifts
A little dress for my sister and a toy for my brother

ميريام فارس - لا لا يابا لا

لالا يابا لالا
انا اسمي هاله
جايه عالمدينه بيع وجوه الزينه
والزينه باعت حالها

وين انتوا يا هالناس
طلوا اشتروا مني
وين الفرح والحراس والصوت اللي بيغني

بعد الليل ورجع الليل وبعدها الحلوي لحالها

ازا بعت اليوم كتير
باخد كام هديه لاختي فستان صغير وشي لعبه لخيه


The Arabic Student said...

Nice to know that masks is literally "decorated faces" in Lebanese. I only knew قناع for masks before this. Thanks.

giries said...

Actually that song was originally sung by Fairouz in the musical Hala wal Malik (Hala and the King - 1967 ) written by the Rahbani brothers

Lizzie Barbie said...

Such a beautiful song! Thank you for translating :) Nice ti know what they are saying! The singer is so pretty. New follower. I love arabic music and dances even though I don't know one word of your beautiful language.