Monday, February 22, 2010

Julia Boutros - Perhaps
جوليا بطرس - ربما

This song is based on the poem Rubbama ربما by Samih al-Qasim سميح القاسم. "Rubbama" means "perhaps" "maybe" or "might." I have translated the title as "perhaps" but in order to make the sentence more natural in english I have translate it as "you might be able to."

Julia Boutros - Perhaps

You might be able to rob me of my last bit of land
You might be able to feed my youth to the jail

You might be able to put out my torch in the night
You might be able to keep me from kissing my mother

You might be able to steal my dreams
You might be able to deprive my children of a suit on a holiday
Oh enemy of the sun!
But I will not compromise

And until my heart's last beat, I will resist

جوليا بطرس - ربما

ربما تسلبني آخر شبر من ترابي
ربما تطعم للسجن شبابي

ربما تطفيء في ليلي شعلة
ربما احرم من أمي قبلة

ربما تغنم من ناطوري احلامي غفلة
ربما تحرم اطفالي يوم العيد بدلة
ربما ترفع من حولي جدارا وجدارا وجدارا ..
يا عدو الشمس
لكن لن اساوم

والى اخر نبض من عروقي ساقاوم
والى اخر نبض من عروقي ساقاوم
والى اخر نبض من عروقي ساقاوم


HouariB said...

Thanks to share to non arabic people Samih al Qassam and the beautiful voice of Julia.

ps :
I would like to share some Algerians song I translate in english? how can I send you the translations?

Chris Gratien said...

If you would like to add translations, you could either email them to me, or if you want to put many of them up you can actually become an author and add them yourself. send me an email if you're interested I would absolutely love to see some songs on here

Abdusalaam al-Hindi said...

I've heard this same song sung by somebody named 'May Nasr'. Is this Julia's own song? Just wondering.