Monday, February 22, 2010

Fairuz - Your Oud is Resonant
فيروز - عودك رنان
Oudak Rannan

The al-oud is the instrument commonly known as a lute (same name) in the West, a string instrument which has been replaced by the modern guitar but remains important in Arabic music.

The title "3oudak rannaan" means something like "your oud is resonant," which sounds awkward in English, but what she is saying is that it sounds so good when he plays.

Fairuz - Your Oud is Resonant

Your oud is resonant
Lemme here the sound of your oud
Play it again, keep playing it
Lemme here the oud
Play it loud again and again

Strum and keep strumming
Tell me this tune is for you
A true song and more beautiful than words
Play a tune that enters my heart

All these people have gathered around the sound of your strings
That string is sensitive, quit playing on the same string (what she is saying here is that he's really hit her soft spot with what he's playing, and the underlying meaning is that she's in love with him and she's really affected by what he's playing)
You've really moved me
Play it again and again

Strum and strum hard til you wake up everyone
Night is not for sleeping here it's for staying up late
You play so well, play for us

فيروز - عودك رنان

عودك رنان رنة عودك الي
عيدا كمان ضلك عيد يا علي
سمعني العود
عالعالي عيدا كمان..عيدا كمان

دق ضلك دق قلي النغمه لكي
نغمه عالحق واحلى من الحكي
نغمه بتفوت .. ع قلبي

جامع هالناس على صوت الوتر
وترك حساس حاجه تزن عالوتر
تأثرت كتير.
عليهن .. عيدا كمان وعيدا كمان

دق قوي الدق وعي كل البشر
الليل مش للنوم هون الليل للسهر
انت دقيق انت الزويق سمعنا


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مجهود جبار .. تشكر عليه

وضلك عيد ياعلي