Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ronza - Do You Think
رونزا - قولك

Ronza was popular in the 80s, with many songs composed by the Rahbani Brothers after Fairuz and Assi's divorce.

Ronza - Do You Think?

Do you think we'll ever meet again and go out?
And talk like we used to when we were young
And walk together, and sing together
Do you think?

Do you think the old times will ever come back and we'll walk down this road again?
And the wind will blow and take us away together
And you'll tell me I love you and I am jealous about you (there is an idea that if you love someone you will get jealous a lot because you covet them)
Do you think?

If only the days would come back to me each night
And I could see his eyes again and that bright smile
And he would be mine as long as I live
And I could keep him in my heart and eyes

رونزا - قولك

قولك قولك قولك رح نتلاقى بعد بشي مشوار
نحكي متل الماضي وقت كنا صغار
ونتمشى سوى ونغني سوى

قولك بعد بيرجع الزمن العتيق
نمشي أنا وانت عهاد الطريق
ويهب الهوا وياخدنا سوا
وانت تقول لي بحبك وانا عليك بغار

يا ريت اليام ترجع لي ليلية
وارجع شوف عيونه والضحكة المضوية
ويبقى لي عطول مهما العمر يطول وخبيه بقلبي وعيني

Lyrics transcription from here