Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rachid Taha - Everybody Out!
رشيد طه - بره بره
Barra Barra

"Barra (بره)" means "outside" and therefore "barra barra" means "get out" or "everybody out". This song is about all the problems there are in Algeria, and the reality that you have to get out of the country to escape those things, a sentiment also expressed in Cheb Khaled's "El Harba Wine?" However, you could alternatively understand the song as a message to those who are responsible for the problems.

Of course Rachid Taha like most of the biggest Rai singers has in fact fled Algeria and currently lives in France.

Rachid Taha - Everybody Out!

Everybody out! There's sadness, rage and treachery
Everybody out! Corruption and jealousy, no longer can anyone be trusted
Everybody out! Thirst, the people are forsaken
Everybody out! There's no honor, just oppression and slavery
Everybody out! Thankfulness is gone and ugliness is everywhere
Everybody out! The stars have gone out and the sun has gone black
Everybody out! There's no more goodness, happiness or prosperity
Everybody out! There's no more trees and the birds have stopped singing
Everybody out! There's no day or night, only darkness
Everybody out! Hell has taken over, there's no beauty left
Everybody out! The time has passed, there is no honor
Everybody out! There's corruption and war and the blood is running
Everybody out! Only the walls are left standing
Everybody out! There's fear and so everyone is silent

رشيد طه - برا برا

بره بره... الحزن والبغض والزوارة
بره بره... الفسد والحسد ما بقى أمانة
بره بره العطش والناس منحوسين
بره بره... لا حرمة ظلم وعبودية
بره بره... الشكر دان والقبح ران
بره بره... النجوم طفت ظلمت الشمس
بره بره... مابقي خير لا سعاده ولا زهار
بره بره... مابقت شجرة سكتوا لطيور
بره بره... مابقي ليل ولنهار لضلمه
بره بره... الجهنم نما ما بقي الزين
بره بره... كتر الزمان مابقت حرمه
بره بره... الفسد والحرب والدم يسيل
بره بره... الحيطان الحيطان واقفين
بره بره... الخوف فالناس ساكتين


lee said...


HouariB said...

He is more a Rock singer than a Rai singer. He sing rock in arabic.

by the way I heard jahanama (hell) instead of jahiliya (ignorance) ?

thanks by the way

HouariB said...

Thanks for the correction (now I know you read the comments :)) )
I want to add that Rachid Taha came to France with his Parents at 8 years old. He did'nt grown up in Algeria .

HouariB said...

I want to add something more, barra barra means outside outside. It's not everybody out. :))
I am a huge fan of Rachid Taha.
I am a huge fan of your work , this blog :)

zhgan said...

hello , thanks for the translation
u know any similar songs like barra barra , i loved it .

barra barra said...

mush 3adel...mush 3adel....mush adel(not just) i love that part,my favourite in the song