Friday, July 31, 2009

Saria al-Sawas - Oh Sheikh
سارية السواس - يا شيخ
Ya Shaykh

Saria al-Sawas - Oh Sheikh

Oh Sheikh, cure me
I can't sleep
It's been more than two years that I've been in this state

My love is driving me crazy, leaving me and being cruel to me
He doesn't fear God and I am in this state

He went away and left me by myself everyone
He doesn't know what's happened to me while I've been in this state

Oh Sheikh, I've come to you
If only you would cure me
My love did not fear God
Please help me with my condition

I miss his voice, I miss him
Shame on him for leaving me in this state

سارية السواس - يا شيخ

يا شيخ عالجني النوم ما يجيني
لفوق عاميني وانا بهالحالة

خلي مجنني يهجر ويظلمني
ولا يخاف الله وانا بهالحاله

سافر وخلاني يا ناس وحداني
ما يدري ايش جاني وانا بهالحالة

يا شيخ انا جيتك ليتك تعالجني
خلي ما خاف الله يرضيك هالحالة

مشتاقة لصوته مشتاقة يا انا
حرام يتركني وانا بهالحالة

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