Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ali El Aisawy - A Scorpion Stung Me in My Chest
علي العيساوي - عقرب بصدري لسعني
Aqrab Bisadri Lisaani

For me, this was a really difficult song, and if anyone has any additional information on it, that would be greatly appreciated. As far as I can tell, it is based on an old Arabic folk song native to either Syria or the wider area of Sham that includes Iraq as well. This version sung by Ali El Aisawy is adapted for an Iraqi audience.

As to the story of behind the song, I don't know. But from the words, it seems like there is a guy who is down on his luck out in the desert or in the country, maybe with his family or relatives, and they are making him doing work and not letting him hang out with girls. Any of your guesses would be as good as mine though.

Ali El Aisawy - A Scorpion Stung Me in My Chest

A scorpion stung me in my chest, oh woe is me
How do the stung sleep?
I'm afraid my nemesis will hear me, oh woe is me, and put out my candles with his hands (i translated "3aadhil" as nemesis cuz it's a person who is jealous and hates you and wants you to fail so he can enjoy it)

They made me carry wood and sent me out with their sheep
They didn't let me stay up late and hanging out with the girls

God build you (make you live long, same word) oh Baghdad
Building on top of building
With pretty girls dressed in gowns (these gowns of course are those full body black gowns)

Stung oh I'm stung
I'm stung my friend and there's a fire in my side
I didn't close my eyes but my tears are falling

علي العيساوي - عقرب بصدري

عقرب بصدري لسعني يا ويلي
شلون ينام الملسوعي
خوفي العاذل يسمعني يا ويلي
وبايديه يطفي لي شموعي

وحملوني العصايا سرحوني بغنمهم
حرموني من سهر الليل ومعاشرة الصبايا

الله يعمرك يا بغداد بناية فوق بناية
بيك بنات حلوات ملبسات العبايا

ملسوع انا ملسوع
ملسوع يا صاحبي والنار بضلوعي
ما غمضت بس تنزل دموعي

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