Monday, July 7, 2008

Lena Shamamian - My Thoughts Are With You
بالي معاك
Bali Maak

There are some problems with translating this song into English. A lot of the phrases cannot be translated literally in a form that sounds natural, especially the key phrase in the song "gheerak ma yaHla li." "yaHla l-" means "to be sweet (to someone)" or "to be pleasing (to someone)," so I've translated it as "no one but you pleases me," but if you want a cleaner English translation we could say "you're the only one for me."

Lena Shamamian - My Thoughts Are With You

My thoughts are with you
My thoughts, my thoughts, my thoughts
Your forehead is high (meaning: he has lofty morals or ideas, it's a good things)
I swear upon the pupils of your eyes my darling
No one but you pleases me

My life will never be at peace
While I have this desire for you in my heart
With you my thoughts have become enlightened
No one but you pleases me

If my heart said ah, my darling (meaning: if my heart felt pain)
They ahs would cauterize me
When will I be graced with your presence

لينا شماميان - بالي معاك

بالي معاك بالي بالي بالي بالي
يابو الجبين عالي عالي عالي عالي
وحياة سواد عينيك ياحبيبي
غيرك ما يحلى لي

عمري ماراح يرتاح ياحبيبي
والشوق في قلبي ليك
فكري معاك نّور ياحبيبي
غيرك ما يحلى للي

الـقـلـب لـو قـال آه يا حبيبي
آهـاتـه تكـويني

إيمتـى بـقـا الـدنيـا يا حبيبي
بقربك ح تحلا لي

Lyrics transcription from Damascus Online


Anonymous said...

i lived in dimasq for 6 months and know lena from there. she is great.
maybe you can attach more songs with translation. this would be great.
thank you

Anonymous said...

Sou brasileira e adoro a lene a forma como ela canta adorei saber da tradução da musica!

Unknown said...

We were yesterday at lina's concert in Istanbul Turkey, it was a weird journey of love ,tears ,heart dancing, i hope things will get better in this world !

Unknown said...

lovely singer, heart touching songs, wish to attend concerts for her !