Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kazem el-Saher - Running Away
كاظم الساهر - هارب

The context of this song I believe is a relationship destroyed by the wars in iraq over the past 20 years, and the video confirms this.

Kazem el-Saher - Running Away

I'm running away from the ones I love
Running away from my friends
From all the cities and guards and gates
I am running away from a splendid house that every eye yearns for
We were under its shade, you and me, two birds
A laugh and a tear, we divided them amongst two people (meaning: they shared in everything good and bad together)
But the black boundaries played with the merciful heart
And the house collapsed and with it the great love
Jealousy, and after the jealousy doubt, and after the doubt a marriage from hell
I open my eyes and with them the night of sadness

كاظم الساهر - هارب

هارب من الأحباب هارب من الأصحاب
من كل مدينة وحارس وأبواب
هارب انا من بيت رائع تشتهي كل عين
كنا تحت ظله انا وانت طيور اثنين
الضحكة والدمعة نقسمها على شخصين
ولعبت الحدود السود بالقلب الرحيم
وانهار سقف البيت والحب العظيم
غيرة وبعد الغيرة شك وبعد الشك عشرة من جحيم
افتح عيوني معهم ليلة الأحزان


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