Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nawal al-Zoghbi - All My Life
نوال الزغبي - طول عمري
Toul Omry

Updated media and translation

This song was obviously made during the Latin music craze that brought us Ricky Martin. Nawal's videos tend to emulate whatever is en vogue in pop like that.

Nawal al-Zoghbi - All My Life

All my life I dream, my precious
You are the dream of my nights
From a glance I changed myself
And my heart and my soul are with you I swear to God
My life... So long as I'm with you my heart will be full of joy
And my eyes...Even if you're far will see you
I swear to God I loved you at first sight

Reassure me, be with me
You are the most beautiful story
Our love is without end
Cmon, let's forget that which has past together

نوال الزغبي - طول عمري

طول عمري بحلم ياغالي

إن انت حلم الليالي
من نظرة غيرت حالي
و قلبي و روحي معاك و الله
حياتي.. طول مانا وياك
ليلاتي.. فرح قلبي معاك
و عيني.. لو بعيد شايفاك
عشقتك والله من طلة

طمني خليك معايا
يالي انت أجمل حكاية
ده هوانا من غير نهاية
ويلا تعالا ننسى اللي فات يلا

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I learned this one in my Arabic class years ago. What a flashback! Thanks!