Monday, October 24, 2011

Mayada el-Hennawi - Never Again
ميادة الحناوي - توبة

Mayada el-Hennawi is a Syrian singer born in Aleppo, but in this song she is singing in the Egyptian dialect.

"Toba توبة" is an exclamation that expresses regret and the lack of desire to repeat an action used to swear off an undesirable behavior so as to say "I'll never do it again" or "I swear it's the last time." Of course, Mayada begins the song by saying "never again, never again," only to explain that she doesn't believe in "never again." A song with the same title and similar theme was popularized earlier by Abdel Halim Hafez.

Mayada al-Hennawy - Never Again

Never again, never again, never again, never again
So many people have said "I'll never love again," only to go back and write love poems and songs once more
I want to be in love this once
My life and my destiny are awaiting me

I want to sing for joy for once
I want to be happy tomorrow
At least I'll have lived
No matter how much I regret or feel sorrow

So what am I afraid of?
What am I afraid of?
I can hear my heart calling him
Why am I afraid of falling in love when it's my destiny (literally "written on my forehead")
I'll be with him, fall in love, adore him, and feel for him

Who has ever encountered love without drowning in it?
Who has ever been burned by love, swore it off and never came back to it? (meaning they always come back)
Who? Who?

ميادة الحناوي - توبة

وتوبه ...توبه توبه .... توبه توبه ...
ياما قالوا من الحب توبه
و رجعوا تانى قالوا فيه شعر و أغانى
بس اعيش الحب نوبه يا زماني و قسمتى مستنيانى

نفسى أغنى للفرح مرة
نفسى يجى هنايه بكره
اسمي عشت مهما ندمت ولا حزنت
اسمى عشت اسمي عشت

طيب خايفة ليه ؟
انا خايفة ليه ؟
سامعه قلبى يناديه
خايفه ليه من الهوى و الجبين مكتوب عليه
انى اقابله و ادوب فى حبه و اعشقه و احس بيه

وهو مين صادفه الهوى فى دنيته ما غرقش فيه
و لا مين جرحه الهوى و حلف يتوب ما رجعش ليه
مين ؟ مين ؟

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