Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Om Kalthoum - Oh Night of Eid
ام كلثوم - يا ليلة العيد
Ya Leilat el Eid

The song "Ya Laylat al-`Eid" celebrates the end of the month of Ramadan and the beginning of the celebration (Eid means holiday/celebration) that follows. Laylat al-`Eid is the celebration that takes place after sunset on the last day of Ramadan, meaning the last day of fast is finished.

The last verse can be seen as separate from the song since it is a nationalist expression and not related really to the feelings surrounding Eid. It is specific to Egypt in this case, and since this song has spread throughout the Arab world, there are an alternate versions referring for example to the Tigris الدجلة to make the song unique to Iraq. Other verses can also appear in other versions.

The song centers on the concept/feeling of انس (ons), which can translate as "delight" or "togetherness" or "a friendly atmosphere." It is exactly the feeling that one gets when all the family and friends gather to celebrate a holiday or maybe a wedding. We don't have an exact word for this in English though certainly the feeling exists. Thus, the general sentiment of the song is one of togetherness and joy.

Oum Kalsoum - Oh Night of Eid

Oh (Night of) Eid, you've delighted us and renewed our hope

Oh Eid, your (crescent) moon has appeared before our eyes
It filled us with happiness and we sang
And we said that happiness/fortune will come to us
Upon your arrival, oh Night of Eid

You've brought all the close friends back together
And the cup has passed among the companions (here nudaman should be a plural of nadim "drinking companion" or "close friend")
And the birds are singing in the trees to greet the dawn
Oh Night of Eid

As my beloved's ship sails, my soul travels on the wind
Tell him, my dear (literally, my pretty), it's early
Sleep is forbidden (haram) on the Night of Eid

Oh Nile, your waters are sweet
You spread light throughout the fields
May you live long and prosper, oh Nile
And enjoy many Nights of Eid

ام كلثوم - يا ليلة العيد

يا ليلة العيد أنستينا
و جددت الأمل فينا
يا ليلة العيد
هلالك هل لعينينا
فرحنا له وغنينا
و قلنا السعد حا يجينا
على قدومك يا ليلة العيد

جمعتي الأنس ع الخلان
ودار الكأس ع الندمان
وغنى الطير على الأغصان
يحيي الفجر ليلة العيد

حبيبي مركبه تجرى
وروحي بالنسيم تسرى
قولوا له يا جميل بدري
حرام النوم في ليلة العيد

يا نيلنا ميتك سكر
و زرعك في الغيطان نور
تعيش يا نيل و نتهنا
و نحيي لك ليالي العيد

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