Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fairuz - New Year's Eve
فيروز - عيد الدني
Eid al Dunnye

This song is composed to the tune of "O Christmas Tree"

Fairouz - New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Eve and my house is full of gifts and decorations
There's candles and bells ringing in the distance
And red-colored flowers and wine
New Year's Eve, staying up late with my beloved

It's New Year's Eve
Just you, me and a little tree covered in lights
There's a yellow lantern and snow on my doorstep
And the stars are shining like the snow
And under the rain/winter a new year is coming
Who knows what it has in store?

A year has gone and another has arrived
It's white and new
May it draw smiles on the faces of the children
And may it give the people a new life
And as a year falls asleep and another awakens
May you remain my beloved

فيروز - عيد الدنيا

عيد الدني راس السني بيتي هدايا و زيني
في شموع و جراس تدق بعيد و زهور لونا أحمر و نبيد
عيد الدني راس السني سهرا أنا و حبيبي
راس السني أنتا و أنا و سجرة زغيري مضوايي
قنديل أصفر على بابي و تلج و نجوم عم تلمع متل التلج
و تحت الشتي جايي سني ما منعرف شو مخبايي
راحت سني طلت سني لونا أبيض و جديدي
الولاد ترسم عوجوهن عيد و الناس تعطيهن عمر جديد
و تغفى سني و توعى سني و أنتا تبقى حبيبي

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Umesh Bawa said...

i like ur rythmic style of profound love for your life... It will be better if you can prosed some more..