Monday, September 7, 2009

Mira Awad - Our Relationship
ميرا عوض - علاقتنا

Mira Awad (Arabic ميرا عوض Hebrew מירה עווד) is an Arab-Israeli. Her father is a Palestinian from the Galilee and her mother is Bulgarian. In recent years, she has become famous and controversial as the first person of Arab descent to represent Israel in Eurovision, singing in Arabic. This, of course, was controversial for both Israelis and Arabs, since some Israelis see non-Jews as non-Israeli, while many Palestinians felt that Mira was being used as a token to falsely portray Israel as a pluralistic society. Still, other Arabs and Palestinians outside of Israel were outraged because Mira is an Arab with Israeli citizenship, pointing to tensions between Arabs and Palestinians descended from families that remained in Israel.

This song, sung in Modern Standard Arabic, is one of the most lyrically strange songs available on the site. Reader SimplyME has provided us with more info. Mira reportedly writes her own songs.

Mira Awad - Our Relationship

Our relationship has bonds of blood
It has bleeding blonds
A philosophical bleeding
A bleeding that has beauty
Our relationship has closeness, and distance
It is full of contradictions
Contradictions that make me find beauty in the bleeding

Our relationship has a connection of birth
It has a connection of miscarriage (or abortion??? the word used here إجهاض is normally the translation for "abortion", which in Arabic is a "forced miscarriage. I guess miscarriage makes sense here in a metaphorical sense, but this is the first time I have ever seen this word used metaphorically. This is extremely provocative language for an Arabic song)
A miscarriage of ideas
A miscarriage with spirituality

Our relationship is full of death, full of life
It's full of madness
Madness that makes me find spirituality in the miscarriage

ميرا عوض (מירה עווד) - علاقتنا

علاقتنا فيها ربط الدم
فيها روابط نزيف
نزيف فلسفي
نزيف ذي جماليات
علاقتنا فيها قرب فيها بعد
فيها تناقضات
تناقضات تجعلني أجد في النزيف جماليات

علاقتنا فيها صلة ولاد
فيها صلة إجهاض
إجهاض فكري
إجهاض ذي روحانيات
علاقتنا فيها موت فيها حياة
فيها جنونيات
جنونيات تجعلني أجد في الإجهاض روحانيات


SimplyME said...

Hi. I am big Mira's fan ;)

I see that U translated Mira's song from arabic. I don't know how much you know about Mira. But I can tell you that she writes her own songs. All of her songs have deeper meanings and have a lot of metaphoric words.
On her myspace she puted the translation of few of her songs in english. Since she wrote them she gives also a small introduction of meanings. So here is her written version:

Our relationship has a blood connection
A bleeding connection
A philosophical bleeding
An esthetic bleeding.

Our relationship contains closeness,
It contains distance,
It contains contradictions,
Contradictions that make me see esthetics in a bleeding!

Our relationship has a birth relation
A relation of miscarriage
A miscarriage of ideas
A spiritual miscarriage.

Our relationship contains death
It contains life
It contains madness
Madness that makes me find spirituality in a miscarriage!

Since arabic has many dialects it's sometime hard to make good translation...

Chris Gratien said...

thank you for this info. I'm not sure if there is a dialectical reason why I find this song's lyrics odd, since it is in standard Arabic. it's more the aesthetics and use of words that I have never scene used in songs فلسفة تناقضات جماليات إجهاض روحانيات etc

HouariB said...

You forgot to mention that israeli jews anti zionist condemn also this joke.
You forgot to mention that Noa the so called peace singer always song for soldiers or claim to stand with them (Lebanon 2006 gaza 2008-2009).
She talk about peace, like peace from grave !
Mira awad sang with the blood of the 13 palestinian 48 murdered by the israelis policeman in 2000.
Mira Awad sang during the starvation of the gazawis !
She sang and a lot of jews (israelis or not) are calling for boycott.
Please this song reminds me another song from Enrico Macias (a strong supporter of israel) the only one VIP who support the israelis army during the gaza massacre, the name of the song was "malheur à ceux qui touchent un enfant".
like Dalida said in another song
"Parole, parole"
Long live palestine, secular and free !!

SimplyME said...


Notthing is fogotten to mention! It's you who is trying to mess this song with devil of politics!
If you have your mind opened you yould see something much more important behind Mira's decision to go on Eurovision! But you seem to be one of the extremisam suporter!Our Prophet saws didn't teach us like that! You should know that! This is blog about music so go mess with politics in places that exists those subjects.
Since you don't know Mira Awad, her feelings and her inner struggle you sustain of commenting her actions!

SimplyME said...

Chris...forgive me if my comment above was too much. If you wanna erase it. It's just that people like him makes me so angry. Thinks that he knows it all...and actually just bring mess in something so great like MUSIC ...and GOOD MUSIC:

About Mira's music...
Here is her MySpace

Here you can find her entire album and listen it. The album is her first one and she struggled almost 10 years to release him, because of some people injust treatment just because she is an arab israeli. But when it is finnaly released it's getting sold all over world. Something that makes me happy :)))

HouariB said...


mess with politics ?? and you are messing with religion ??

I do know she accepts to collaborate on Israel communication. Singing for the apartheid zionist "state".
Juliano Mer Khameis ask her to remove herself from this shame and we know what her choice was. This is enough to know what's this person is ..
If extremism is to be against's racism colonialism & apartheid, I am extremist.
Your moderation like the israelis murderer , I let that to you ...

Anonymous said...

please, can you post the lyrics of Bahlawan and Wihdati too? both amazing songs

Batya said...

So sad that people cannot separate politics from beauty ~ anyone's beauty and the gift Mira Awad gives all of us. Government policies and idiocy are not the people who live their lives everyday in both countries. The Arab culture is thousands of years old ~ the contributions of that culture have given the world some it's most important knowledge. The Jewish culture is also thousands of years old and has also given the world many things. We both come from the same seed.
If you are a Palestine be proud of Mira who shares her extraordinary gifts with the world. If you are an Israeli be joyful that Mira is who she is and grateful for one more person on Earth that gives beauty.
I, myself, am a Jewish Israeli and consider Mira a national treasure for both our cultures.

Unknown said...

a song so full of deep spiritual meanings.