Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fairuz - Oh Laura
فيروز - يا لور حبك
Ya Laure Hubbuki

This song appeared in the play Meis al Rim (ميس الريم) written by the Rahbani Brothers and starring Fairouz. I have supplied here the video from the play, in which Joseph Nassif (جوزيف نصيف) is singing, in addition to the mp3 or a version recorded by Fairouz.

I've translated the name Laur as Laura because it is the same name from the same root, referring to the Laurel tree which in Arabic can also be called شجر الغار.

Here is the Fairuz version:

You can click here to download it

Fairuz - Oh Laura

Oh Laura
Your love has tormented my heart
And I had given you my love and affection
Don't you recall our wonderful nights together
And the pledge we made to be true to each other?

The night, the breeze and the wailing nightingale
And the veil of melodies, as my heart loved you
So many dreams of love and purity blossomed
In them, days seemed like slumber

The night, the dreams and the wet shore
Longing, song, and the calm countryside
Those were such fine days, so wonderful and pure
When the melodies sang of loyalty and devotion

فيروز - يا لور حبك

يا لور حبك قد لوّع الفؤاد
وقد وهبتك الحب والوداد
ألا تذكري ليالي الصفا
وعهداً عهدناه على الوفا

الليل والأنسام والبلبل الشاكي
وسترة الأنغام والقلب يهواكِ
كم أزهرت أحلام بالحب والصفا
ظهرت بها الأيام مثل الغفا

الليل والأحلام والشاطئ النادي
والشوق والأنغام والموطن الهادي
يا طيبها أيام أحلى من الصفا
وتنشد الأنغام على الوفا


Anonymous said...

There is also a version for Hani Metwasi and it is as good as Fairouz version

Anonymous said...

The link to his version :

Anonymous said...

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matriz said...

Thank you for uploading this melodious evergreen song by Fairuz and the beautiful video clip.If you have other versions of the song, including instrumentals, please let me know.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Ron said...

There's also a very good version by Afif Alvarez Bulos on his album of classical Arabic music.