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Somaya - Beating Around the Bush
سمية - لف ودوران
Liff wa Dawaran

Leff wa Dawaran لف ودوران is an Arabic expression that means the equivalent of "beating around the bush" or not directly saying what you want to say.

المتصفح الذي لديك لايدعم مشغل الأغاني. دبر حالك و روح نزل البرنامج أو .<A HREF="">اضغط هنا</A> لسماع الأغنية.

Somaya - Beating Around the Bush

What's with you man
Let me go
No matter what you say I won't come back to you
You're causing a problem for me
Do you remember me saying that I would come back?

I don't wanna beat around the bush
I know that your eyes wander (meaning, he's looking at other girls)
So you think that when you try to trick me I'll be happy with you

Frankly, you're fooling yourself
If you're gonna lie, lie well
Go act and try to fool somebody else
I feel sorry for you

As far as I'm concerned, I've removed you from my mind
Actually, what happened to me with you was too hard for me to forget
Oh my God, you're coming back again
Saying insincere sweet nothings and I don't understand them

This is how I feel
Stop talking nonsense
Wake up my darling and listen to me
Why are you making this into an ordeal?
Stop doing this with me and go, it's enough
Oh, spare me

Are you seriously coming to try to make me feel sorry for you?
I'm standing here before you stunned
How can you think that so easily I'll cave and soften towards you
You're lying to yourself
And I'm more than capable of repelling you and keeping up with you
I know all your words in full
So let's go, you poor boy

سمية - لف ودوران

مالك خيالتني ياعم حلني ده مهما قولتلي
مش هسمع
عامل لي مشكلة متهدى مش كده فاكرني قال كده
قال انا هرجع
لف ودوران انا مش عايزة انا عارفة ان انت عنيك زايغة
ومفكر لما هتخدعني انا هفرح بيك
بتضحك على شكلك بصراحة
اكدب بس اكدب بنصاحة
روح مثل واضحك على غيرى
انا صعبة عليك

انا بالنسبالي شيلتك من بالي
اصل اللى جرالي معاك اصعب من اني انساه
اه منك ياني راجع من تاني بتقول لي كلام حلو مزوق وانا مش فهماه
مالك خيالتني ياعم حلني ده مهما قولتلي
مش هسمع

انا قلبي هيدادي بلاش كلام فاضي اصحالي ياحبيبي
عاملها ليه حكاية بلاش كده معايا وروح كده كفاية
اه وارحمني
جاي بتتمسكن معقولة
انا واقفة قصادك مذهولة
ومفكر قال ايه بسهولة هضعف وهلين
تبقي انت بتكدب على نفسك
وانا قادرة اصدك وانافسك
ده انا حافظة كلامك بالملي يلا يا مسكين


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