Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sara Al Hani - If I Had to Choose
سارة الهاني - لو خيروني
Law Khayarouni

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لو خیّرونی
If I had to choose

لو خیّرونی ما بین عیونی وبین هواک أسیب عیونی
If I had to choose between my eyes and your love.. I'd give up my eyes
اختار حبیبی أروح معاک الاحبیبی
I would choose my love and go with you
کل الانا عایزة من الدنیا لؤاک
All I want in this life is to be with you
لو قالولک تبعد عنّی خلیها النهارده
If they told you to leave me.. Well you can do it today
عیّشنی اللیلادی حبیبی وانا بالیلة هارضة
Make my live for tonight.. and I will be satisfied with it
انا من امتی بحبک وانت ولا بحال
I've been in love with you for a long time, but you don't know how I feel
نفسی احکیلک عاللی ف قلبی واللی شاغللی بای
I wanna talk to you about my feelings and what I am thinking of

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Abdusalaam al-Hindi said...

I personally like this format of translation better than the usual. Every line of arabic followed with the english translation.