Thursday, July 2, 2009

George Al Rassy - My Heart is Dead
جورج الراسي - قلبي مات
Albi Mat

George Al Rassy - My Heart is Dead

My darling, my heart is dead
And the separation has made me crazy
What is the value of this life when you are not here before my eyes
It's starting to seem like my heart is missing
You made it forget how to feel and tortured it to death

From the day you took your love away from me the world is dark
It would destroy my heart if this separation went on

I still have hope though that my heart has not been killed
My darling, my life, I want you

I've lost my passion
And the abandonment has wasted my time
My heart has also been true to you
I haven't stopped caring for you for a moment
My darling I want to see you
I want you to come back right away
Even if your conditions have become harsh
Don't lose this love

جورج الراسي - قلبي مات

يا حبيبي قلبي مات
و البعد سبّب جنوني
شو قيمة هالحياة
وانت غايب عن عيوني
أنا قلبي بحضوره
صاير متل الغياب
نسّيته شعوره
دوّبته من العذاب

من يوم هواك عنّي غاب
صارت الدّنيي سواد
يا هلاك يا عذاب
قلبي لو طال البعاد

باقي في عندي أمل
إنّو قلبي ما انقتل
يا حبيبي ... يا حياتي ... بدّي ياك

غرامي منّي ضاع
والهجر ضيّغ زماني
ما بعمره قلبي باع
لحظة ما تغيّر حناني
يا حبيبي بدّي شوفك
بدّي ترجع قوام
لو قسيت ظروفك
لا تخسر هالغرام