Monday, June 15, 2009

Sabah Fakhri - Under Her Howdah (Woe is Me)
صباح فخري - تحت هودجها يا ويل حالي
Tahj Hawdajha (Ya Wel Hali)

This is a song from the folklore of Syria. A howdah is a large saddle for a camel or elephant that has a carriage to protect the passenger (see photo). I don't actually know the story of the song, but it seems like a girl was kidnapped while riding on a camel. As to the specifics, in Syrian and Turkish folk songs, Ottoman soldiers kidnapping women is a theme that comes up from time to time, and that would be my guess as to the idea of the song. This main verse is the core of the song but of course there are usually additional verses that vary. Anyone who happens to have additional information that would be greatly appreciated.

Sabah Fakhri - Under Her Howdah

Under her howdah
While we fought
Swords were drawn
Oh woe is me
Oh woe is me
They took my love and went north
They went afar, went afar
How can I fly when I have no wings

صباح فخري - تحت هودجها(يا ويل حالي)

تحت هودجها
صار سحب سيوف
ياويل حالي
ياويل .... ياويل حالي
أخذو حبي وراحو شمالي
راحوا لبعيد .... لبعيد راحوا
كيف بدي أطير وجناح مالي
ياويلي ... ياويل حالي

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