Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fairuz - We Will Remain Together
فيروز - رح نبقى سوى
Rah Nib'a Sawa

One of the songs Fairuz recorded during the Lebanese Civil War.

Fayrouz - We Will Remain Together

Since the day the waves formed, my country, we've been together
And until the day the clouds grow old we'll remain together
Your crown is made of wheat
Your kingdom is peace
And your people will love you until the Sun grows cold and the days stop

On the ashes that have gone
On the seal of time
On the black stones that remain of the walls
On my mother's hankerchief
On the doors of the homes
I'm writing, my country, "The country will never die"
And you've been the same forever
I've drawn you with doves and the fruits of the martyrs (literally, "the stalks of the martyrs" because the idea is that where the martyrs die wheat will grow and give new life)
I've drawn you my country, the country of peace

From the hands of the poor, from the nets of the fisherman
Freedom is coming
From the sun inscribed in the eyes of the oppressed
Freedom is coming
And from the lost truth
From the streets
From the faceless martyrs of the land who died for the land
Victory is coming and freedom is coming

فيروز - رح نبقى سوى

من يوم اللي تكون يا وطني الموج كنا سوى
ليوم البيعتق يا وطني الغيم رح نبقى سوى
تاجك من القمح مملكتك السلام
و شعبك بيحبك لتبرد الشمس و توقف الإيام

ع رماد اللي راحوا ع خاتم الزمان
على حجار السود اللي بقيوا من الحيطان
ع منديل إمي ع بواب البيوت
عم بكتب يا وطني الوطن ما بيموت
و أنت أنت من يوم اللي كنت أنت
رسمتك سنابل شهدا و حمام
رسمتك يا وطني وطن السلام

من إيدين الفقرا و شباك الصيادين جايي الحريي
و من الشمس المحفورة بعيون المظلومين جايي الحريي
و من الحق الضايع إلا من الشوارع
من شهدا الأرض اللي ماتوا للأرض وجوهن منسيي
جايي النصر و جايي الحريي

Lyrics transcription from La7oon.com

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