Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fairuz - I've Sent You My Soul
فيروز - بعتلك روحي
Baatilak Roohi

Composed by Ziad Rahbani, this song first appeared in the play "Nazl El Surour"

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This second audio file is the original version from "Nazl El Srour" but I'm not sure who's singing it, not Fairuz though. If anyone knows please post a comment

Fairuz - I've Sent You My Soul

I've sent my soul over to you, my love, I've sent you my soul
And I said so long as you're leaving, take my soul with you

I'm afraid to send you my heart
If you've forgotten me and my love
I'll love you always, my darling
My soul is in your hands, my darling

فيروز - بعتلك روحي

بعتلك يا حبيب الروح بعتلك روحي
و قلتلك مادام حتروح خد معاك روحي

أنا خايفه وديلك قلبي
و تكون ناسيني و ناسي حبي
آه أنا عاشقة دايما يا حبيبي
روحي في إيدك يا حبيبي

Lyrics transcription from here


Anonymous said...

The singer singing this song is not Fairouz! I don't even think that this song was ever sung by Madam Fairouz.

Chris Gratien said...

Yes, Fairuz is not the original singer. I had a version by Fairuz here before, but it seems to have disappeared... I tagged her in addition to Ziad because I though people would be more likely to find it that way

Unknown said...

Originally not, you are right. However, Ziad asked his mom to sing it and she perfectly performed it. It is available on CD.

Unknown said...

It is found in CD CALLED "Wahdon" وَحْدُنْ