Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fairuz - The Bus
فيروز - البوسطة
El Bosta

This is the Fairuz version of the original first performed by Joseph Saqr in the Ziad Rahbani play entitled "Nazl El Surour." That's why Fairuz is singing about a girl named Aaliyah, not for any reason other than that. For the original version click here

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Fairuz - The Bus

I'm used to your eyes
I've been lost and lonely because of them
Your eyes are black
And you don't know what they do to me

Upon the rumble of the bus that was carrying us from the village of Hamlaya to the village of Tannourine I remembered you, oh Aaliyah, and I remember your eyes
God damn your eyes are so pretty Aaliyah

We were riding the bus in this heat and dying of exhaustion
One guy's eating lettuce, another guy's eating figs
And there's another guy with his wife
Wow, his wife is so ugly
Lucky them, their minds are completely empty, the Tannourine passengers
They don't know your eyes, Aaliyah
They're so beautiful

We were riding the bus, riding without paying
Sometimes we shut up the door for the driver
Sometimes we shut up the passengers
That guy who's here with his wife, he's turning red and his wife is dizzy
I swear he'd let her get out by herself at Tannourine if he saw your eyes, oh Aaliyah
They're so beautiful

فيروز - البوسطة

موعود بعيونك أنا موعود
وشو قطعت كرمالن ضيع وجرود
فأنت عيونك سود
مانك عارفة شو بيعملوا فيي

عهدير البوسطة اللي كانت ناقلتنا
في ضيعة حملايا على ضيعة تنّورين
تذكرتك يا عليا
وتذكرت عيونك
يخرب بيت عيونك يا عليا شو حلوين

نحنا كنا طالعين
بهشوب وفطسانين
واحد عمياكل خس
وواحد عم ياكل تين
وفي واحد هو ومرتو
ولو شو بشعة مرتو
نيالن ما أفضا بالن
ركاب تنورين
ومش عارفين
عيونك يا عليا شو حلوين

نحنا كنا طالعين
طالعين ومش دافعين
ساعى نهديلو البال
ساعة نهدي الركاب
هيدا اللي هو ومرتو
عباء وداخت مرتو
وحياتك كان يتركها
تطلع وحدها عا تنورين
لو بيشوفو عيونك يا عليا
شــــو حلويــن

Lyrics transcription from La7oon.com

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Adam M Mason said...

This is amazing, thanks for the English translation of this epic song which my friend introduced to me ages ago he LOVES Fairouz. We live in London (I'm English he's from Nigeria) and I remember him telling me Fairouz came to London once, though he didn't see her performance apparently her entourage took up a whole floor of the Hilton - amazing. I hope I get to see her live someday! Once again thanks so much. I want to see this Aaliyah's eyes!!