Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asmahan - Once I Entered a Garden
أسمهان - دخلت في مرة جنينة
Dakhelt fi Marra Genina

Composed for Asmahan by her brother Farid al-Atrache. For part two of the song entitled El Tuyour الطيور (The Birds), click here. To read more about Asmahan, see her bio here

Asmahan - Once I Entered a Garden

Once I entered a garden to smell the scent of the flowers
And distract my sad soul and listen to the song of the birds

I looked and found on the branches a nightingale with his mate
Standing with her in silence
It made me happy to see him

He put his wing around her as he took care of her tenderly
And from his love for her, he sang her a comforting song

And then he said to her "My angel, anything you need just ask"
"I'd give my life and soul for you, don't ever leave me"

And after a long while of drinking from the cup of togetherness
His beautiful lover started to play hard to get

She flew off without checking up on him, leaving him in agony
Poor guy, my heart goes out to him
Passion has melted his heart

He stayed up that night counting the stars as the full moon watched over him
His worries grew upon him, but where could he find the strength to go on (or patience)?

And what also increased his torment was that his lover had gone to another
And made his affliction worse
My dear, he got a bad lot

I left feeling sorry for him
His situation could make a rock cry
He maintained his love for her, and she betrayed the covenant of their love

أسمهان - دخلت في مرة جنينة

دخلت مرة جنينة اشم ريحة الزهور
وسلّي نفسي الحزينة واسمع نشيد الطيور

بصيت لقيت على الغصون بلبل ويّا وليفته
واقف معاها بسكون انا فرحت لما شفته

فارد جناحه عليها وبيراعيها بحنان
وهو من حبه فيها غنلها لحن الأمان

وقال لها يا ملاكي اللي تعوزية اطلبيه
روحي وعقلي فداك حبيبك أوعي تسيبيه

وبعد مدة طويلة في شرب كاس الوصال
لقت حبيبته الجميلة زادت عليه الدلال

طارت ما سألتش فيه وخلفتله العذاب
مسكين يا روحي عليه قلبه من الوجد داب

سهر يعد النجوم والبدر شاهد عليه
طالت عليه الهموم وبس يصبر بإيه

واللي كمان زاد عذابه وليفته لافت بغيره
وزودتله مصابُه وساء يا روحي مصيره

خرجتِ صعبان علي حالتُه تبكّي الجماد
حفظ ودادها وهيّ خانت عهود الوداد

Lyrics transcription from here

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Unknown said...

thank you for this great song !
Anyway I think there are a few mistakes in the lyrics, here's what i hear :

وهنَي نفسي الحزينة(verse 2)

واقف معها بسكون (verse 4)