Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asmahan - O Birds
أسمهان - يا طيور
Ya Toyour

Part two of Dakhelt fi Marra Genina (دخلت في مرة جنينة) composed by Farid al Atrache for his sister Asmahan. To read more about Asmahan, see her bio here

Asmahan - O Birds

O birds
Sing of my love and chant my passion and hopes
To the one who is right beside me not paying attention to what's happening to me (i.e. in her love)
I complain to him and he smiles and makes me grow fonder of him
O birds
Describe him my state of sleeplessness and sobbing (literally tears)

The birds sang the sweetest words from the treetops
The branches swayed from the felicity of their melodies
And my heart was infatuated
And the breeze blew gently carrying their beautiful sound
As the flowers emanated the fragrance of longing
And the brook sang along with them

The air filled with tenderness sending away my longing and disgrace
Oh how I hope his affection and love and favor will be mine

He's happy with his handsomeness and youth, devoid of sorrows
If he was in love, sleepless, feeling what I feel
He would cry from his torment and wail along with the crying birds (literally, the curlew, which apparently is a bird that makes a crying sound, we don't have them in north America)

أسمهان - يا طيور

يا طيور غني حبي وانشدي وجدي وآمالى
للي جنبي واللــي شايف ماجرى لي

اشتـــكى لـــه يبتسم ويزيـــد ولوعـــــي
ياطيور صوري له حالي من سهدى ودموعي

غنت الاطيار من فوق الاشجار اعذب الاشعار
مالت الاغصان من هنا الالحان والفؤاد ولهان

والنســــيم يســــــري عليل يحمل الصوت الجمــيل
والزهور فاحت بعطر الاماني والغدير ردد معاها الاغاني

امتلا الجو حنان يشرح الشوق والهوان
ياريت نصيبي عطفه ووداده وميله ليه

سعيد بحسنه وشبابه خالي من الاشجان
لو كان بيعشق ونابه حظي وانا سهران
لا كان بكى من عذابه وناح مع الكروان

Lyrics transcription from here