Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Latifa - Secure Me a Home
لطيفة – أمن لي بيت
Ammen li Beet

This song is part of the album "maalomaat akiida" which features collaborations with Lebanese singer and son of Fairuz Ziad Rahbani.

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Latifa - Secure Me a Home

Secure me a home wherever you live
It's not important for floor of it to be safe/secure
I long to see you, but, but, but
Is it reasonable for my heart to remain hung up on areas (meaning, should I really keep waiting and holding out trying to find a house in the right place, rather than being united with the one I love)
As the days pass and the street is not calm (meaning, she is kind of on the street so to speak until he gives her a house)
My issue remains problematic
I long to see you

Saad and Mazen talk about you and say you
A good talker, have a way with words and cunning
Like you're the mayor of the village, but, but, but
I long to see you

لطيفة – أمن لي بيت

أمّن لي بيت مطرح ما انك ساكن
مش هم يكون طابق منه آمن
مشتاقة أشوفك لكن لكن لكن

معقول يضل قلبي معلق بالمناطق
والايام تمر وشارع مانو رايق
موضوعي باقي عالق
مشتاقة أشوفك

بيحكولي بيقولوا عنك سعد ومازن
محنك وضليع وموصل ما بيحرك لك ساكن
مختار الحارة لكن لكن لكن
مشتاقة أشوفك

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