Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amr Diab - Hard For Me
عمرو دياب - صعبان عليا
Saaban Alaya

Amr Diab - Hard For Me

It's hard for me, my precious, because of what you did to me
Don't blame it on me, my precious, you are the one who brought suffering upon me
Ah, I confess that I loved you and you were the one who filled my eyes (meaning: all he could see was her)
You hurt my soul when I loved you and you were the world to me
Let me be, let me be, and don't make this hard for me
I believed your love, my life, and I wanted you to care for me
(I believed) your glances and my ahs, the touch of your hand on mine
Go and forget me, go and forget me, and don't make this hard for me
My eyes are not going to forget everything that was between us
Don't blame it on your heart, my precious, your tears are dear to me

عمرو دياب - صعبان عليا

صعبان عليا يا غالي من اللي عملته فيا
لا تلوم عليا يا غالي انت اللي جنيت عليا

آه بعترف أني هويتك وانت اللي مليت عينيا
ظلمت روحي وحبيتك وكنت الدنيا دي ليا
سبني لحالي سبني لحالي ومتصعبهاش عليا

صدقت حبك يا حياتي حبيت خوفك عليا
نظرة عينيك واهاتي لمسة أيدك أيديا
روح وأنساني روح وأنساني ومتصعبهاش عليا

كل اللي بينا يا غالي مش راح تنساه عينيا
لا تلوم على قلبك يا غالي دمعك عزيز عليا

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Anonymous said...

I think the right translation of the title is : "It's hard for me" ???

Isn't it?