Friday, June 26, 2009

Nawal al-Zoghbi - They've Always Said It
نوال الزغبي - ياما قالوا
Yama Alou

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Nawal al-Zoghbi - They've Always Said It

They've always said it
Go ahead let em say it
That our love is like this and our love is like that
And we've spread our passion everywhere
Let em repeat it
More and more
This is this is what I feel and what I'm going through
My love, you guys, is better than a dream

Get close to my heart that's always sang for you
That dreams of being with you
And keeps on hoping

My soul my life
I'm melting in your love
You and me are one
I'm part of you
And my love is yours

It's hell for me to wait like this, my darling, when I have this in my heart
My feelings could fill this entire world
Come see me
Missing you has melted me and tortured me
And I'm still just as confused

نوال الزغبي - ياما قالوا

ياما قالوا
ما يقولوا
حبينا كده وهوينا كده
و ملينا الدنيا غرام في غرام
ما يعيدوا
و يزيدوا
ده اللي انا حاساه و اللي انا عيشاه
في الحب يا ناس ولافي الاحلام

قرب من قلبي اللي عشانك
ياما غنى و غنى
و بيحلم بلقاك يا حبيبي
و لسه بيتمنى

روحي انا عمري انا
انا دايبة في حبك و هواك
ده انت انا اه يا انا
انا منك وهوايا هواك

على ناري يا حبيبي
بستنى كده و في قلبي كده
أشواق تملى الدنيا بحالها
ح تجيني
الشوق دوب فيا و عذب
و الحيرة بتفظل على حالها

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