Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nancy Ajram - Say it Again
نانسي عجرم - قول تاني كده
Oul Tani Keda

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Nancy Ajram - Say it Again

Say it again
Who do you mean, me?
Our love, our passion
Is that what you're talking about

Oh you forget our love and take with you our nights, our years, and our lives
It's me who was faithful to you, fell in love and adored you
Our love was lost by your hands

What kind of lover are you?
Is this your love?
Wake up
Do you think that with one word from you
That's it I'll forgive you and I'll forget right away?

For passion, it's still early for you
And I'll never think of you again
I was by your side and your heart left me
Looks like your love was just talk

نانسي عجرم - قول تاني كده

قول تاني كده
مين تقصد انا؟
حبنا عشقنا
هو انت بتتكلم عننا

ياناسي هواك وواخد معاك ليالي وسنين عمرنا
ده انا اللي اشتريت ودوبت وهويت
وضاع من ايديك حبنا

انت مين ف الهوي وفي الشوق
هو انت حبك ده ايه
ولا انت فكرك بكلمه منك
خلاص حسامحك وحنسي قوام

في الغرام لسه بدري عليك
ولاعمري تاني حفكر فيك
ده انا كنت جنبك وسابني قلبك
اتاري حبك كلام في كلام

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