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Farid al-Atrache - Love Me
فريد الأطراش - حبينا

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This song is from the 1970s film Naghem fi Hayati (نغم في حياتي) starring Farid al-Atrache and this clip, I think, should be considered a piece of Lebanese cultural history. Pay attention to the fashion, and to the bald guy dancing with a plate a food after the first verse.

The user momentofserenity on brings us this nice bit of trivia:

"This song was originally written for Georgina Rizk upon her winning Miss Universe Pageant in 1971. The lyrics started as "Georgina Georgina... Habbaynaki Hebbina" Yet, the Lebanese Radio station refused to broadcast it due to a law that forbade broadcasting songs on public figures at that time. Therefore, Farid El Atrache decided to change the lyrics into "Hebbina Hebbina... Habbaynaki Hebbina" and release the song in the film. The Lebanese Radio Station's loss is indeed Arabic Cinema's gain."

Probably for this reason you notice he is actually saying "love us" in the song, to rhyme with Georgina, but I've translated it in the first person for the sake of sounding nice in English.

Farid al-Atrache - Love Me

Love me, love me, I love you so love me
If I had not fallen in love with your eyes, I wouldn't have troubled myself and come here

I've fallen in love, I've fallen
And I've gotten lost on the path of love
I've suffered so much, and I've followed you for so long

I swear I'm sacrificing my soul
It's not possible for me to reveal this secret
Wherever you want I'll go, take me wherever you want
Oh night, sing of love, it's just beginning

Let the lovers flirt and play hard to get
You beautiful girl, my love and my sleeplessness
This is love is public, and God has permitted it

I've loved you for so long, you flower on the branch of Lebanon
Be kind to the infatuated heart, be nice to me my pretty
I swear upon the songbird, my soul calls out your name
Be kind my gazelle of the valley and hold me in your heart

فريد الأطرش - حبينا

حبينا حبينا، حبيناكي حبينا
لو ما حبينا عيونك، لا تعذَّبنا ولا جينا
حبينا حبينا حبيناكي حبينا..

وقعنا بالحب وقعنا، وعا درب الهوى ضعنا
وياما وياما تلوَّعنا، وياما وراكي مشــينا
وحياتك منضحِّي الروح ومش ممكن بالسر نبوح
مطرح ما بدِّك منـروح، وين مـا بدِّك ودِّينــا

ياليل غني الحب بعده بأوَّلــه خلِّي الحبايب يتقلوا ويتدلَّلوا
يا حلوة الحلوين حبي وسهري ده الحب بين النـاس الله محلله
يا ليل
حبيناكي من زمان، يا زهرة على غصن البان
حنِّي عالقلب الولهان، ويا حلوة توصِّي فينـا

وحياة الطير الشادي روحي بإسمك بتنادي
حنِّي يا غزال الوادي وجوَّا قلبك خبِّينــا
حبينا حبينا حبيناكي حبينا

Lyrics transcription from here

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Anonymous said...

غصن البان
is not the branch of Lebanon, Countries usually do not have branches.

"BAN" is a name of a tree with tall branches which wave beautifully with a breeze.
A beautiful tall girl walking down the street shaking her hip and behind to the left and to the right is described like a branch of "BAN tree" swaying with the winds