Monday, August 31, 2009

Carol Samaha - Like a Dream
كارول سماحة - مثل الحلم
Mitl el Hilm
Comme un rêve

Updated media and translation

Carol Samaha - Like a Dream

Like a dream
We were two unlike anyone
The dream was lost
And we split in two
Waiting for a word

We are not thinking the same
We never agree with each other
Despite that from my heart I love you and you likewise

But your heart alone will not suffice for the whole journey
There's many things we don't agree on
Let's make a decision

كارول سماحة - مثل الحلم

مثل الحلم كنا اتنين ما بنشبه حدا
ضاع الحلم صرنا اتنين كلمة ناطرين

فكرك مش على فكري
دايما مختلفين
مع اني من قلبي بحبك وانت كمان

قلبك وحده ما بيكفي لكل المشوار
باشيا كتيرة ما اتفقنا خلتنا نختار

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much. I love this song and have been waiting for a translation for a few years!