Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bashar al-Shaty - Try to Understand
بشار الشطي - خليك فاهم
Khaleek Fahim

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Bashar al-Shaty - Try to Understand

Try to understand I don't understand
You spoke of me like this
On myself and the Lord almight
I never could have imagined this
You hurt me with your words
And I live for you and your dreams
Fine someday you'll soon see
You'll really regret everything you said
You think that you can force me
I feel like leaving you just for a little
If you're conceited, of course that's your right
Of course you've sufferd alot, my darling
And you dream of me
You said that I was following your shadow
while you're forgetting me
After all this, you come to me so innocently
I didn't force you nor did I come to you
God have mercy
When you see the world through my eyes

بشار الشطي - خليك فاهم

خليك فاهم أنا مش فاهم
إن أنت قلت علي كده
أنا عن نفسي وربي العالم
عمر ما كنت اتصور ده
إنت جرح بيا كلامك
وأنا عايش ليك ولأحلامك
طيب بكره تشوف قريب
تندم أوي على كل كلامك
أنت مفكر أنك تقدر تيجي عليا
ده أنا بمزاجي بسيبك بس شويه
شايف نفسك طبعا حقك
منت تعبت كتير يا حبيبي
وإنت بتحلم بيا
قلت علي مسابق ظلك وانت ناسيني
بعد ده كله بكل براءه تاني تجيني
أنا لا غصبتك ولا يوم جيت لك
الله يرحم لما زمان شفت الدنيا بعيني

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Anonymous said...

Nooo, Bashar El-Shatty is Kuwaiti, not Egyptian!