Thursday, June 18, 2009

Abdel Halim Hafez - I Dream of You
عبد الحليم حافظ - بحلم بيك
Bahlam Beek

Updated media and translation

Abdel Halim Hafez - Dream of You

I Dream of you, I dream of you
And with my longing I await you
And if you check up on me
It would be enough for me
I lived happy nights dreaming of you
I dream of you

I dream of you, my darling
You filled my days with joy
I dream of you, know since when
Since the first moment I knew I loved you
I've been dreaming of you, I love you
And you are my first and last love
And you are my life and my smile

I dream of a paradise that my imagination couldn't hold before I love you
I'm dreaming of you and it's as if you're right beside me all these nights
I keep on loving you and talking to you, my sweetheart
I call you by the most beautiful name my sweetheart

As long as my life lasts my darling
I'll wait for you forever my darling
Night and day I will say oh my darling
Nobody's told you about this longing I feel for you
Some day that longing will reach you and you can experience its nights

عبد الحليم حافظ - بحلم بك

بحلم بيك انا بحلم بيك
وباشواقي مستنيك
وان ما سائلتش فيا
يبقا كفاية عليا
عشت ليالي هنيا احلم بييك
انا بحلم بيك

بحلم بيك يا حبيبي انا
ياللي مليت ايامي هنا
بحلم بيك عارف من امتى
من اول ماعرفت احب
بحلم بيك وبحبك وانت
اول حب وآخر حب
وانت حياتي وابتساماتي

بحلم بالجنة الي خيالي
قبل الحب ماكانش يطولها
بحلم بيك وبيتهائلي
انك جمبي ليالي بطولها
وافضل احبك واحكيلك يا حبيب قلبي
باجمل اسم اناديلك يا حبيب قلبي

اد ما عمري يطول يا حبيبي
حستناك علطول يا حبيبي
ليلي نهاري بقول يا حبيبي
ياللي ماحدش قالك عالشوق اللي انا فيه
بكرة الشوق يوصلك وتجرب لياليه


Anonymous said...

es salamou 3aleikoum! I found your blog very nice! I want to tell you 10000000000000 THANKS for your translations! I let you this comment here because "Bahlem bik" is my favorite song, and you give me the traduction of this beautiful love song! So thank you again, and I wait for the french translation!

Kento said...

Beautiful! I am Japanese but have gained an interest in Arab music recently. I wish more people worldwide would be exposed to this music.

enisa said...

Thank you so much! I've been looking for these lyrics for a long time.

Zulaika said...

I was dancing this song these weeks, and I was wondering the meaning of the lirycs...Now I can Interpretate much more better the song, thanks to you!

peace and love