Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abdel Halim Hafez - Mr. Dark and Handsome
عبد الحليم حافظ - يا أسمر أسمراني
Ya Asmar Asmarany

Translating the concept of "al-asmarani" i.e. the dark skinned one, is a little bit problematic in english because there is no word to really choose that communicates the idea of 'dark attractiveness' that doesn't sound racist. I've chosen mr. dark and handsome here, but keep in mind that the subject of the song is gender neutral even though grammatically masculine, so he could be singing just as easily about a dark-haired dark-skinned girl

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Abdel Halim Hafez – Oh Mr. Dark and Handsome

Oh Mr. Dark and Handsome
What made you start being cruel to me?
Even if you're happy with my humiliation
You're still the one for me
Why do you make my torment worse?
Why doesn't my youth mean anything to you?
And why have you been gone for so long?
Tell me why you've forgotten me

Oh Mr. Dark and Handsome
My heart is on fire
In the fire of my torment and my worries
Oh Mr. Dark and Handsome
I'm so confused
Desire has exhausted me and deprived my eyes of sleep
How can I heal the wound in my heart?
And how long do I have to hide the tears in my eyes?
I'm not complaining or whining
Just tell me my darling

Everyone told me your love is confusion
And I said I'm confused for your sake
You confuse me and keep me up at night
It'd be enough for me to cross your mind
And I'd be content with my deprivation and confusion and sorrows
The love that I once felt when I was with you
Made me happy and made me forget how to forget you
I'm not complaining or whining
Just tell me my darling

I've bought your love with my soul, my joy and my lifetime
While the wonderful days that we live have already passed
If only their nights would return so we can live them together
As for the heart you preoccupied for years with your love
You tortured it and threw it away
And I said it's yours
I'm not complaining or whining
Just tell me my darling

عبد الحليم حافظ – يا أسمر أسمراني

أسمر يا اسمراني مين أساك عليا
لو ترضى بهواني برضه انت اللي ليا
بتزيد عذابي ليه ويهون شبابي ليه
وتطول غيابك ليه قولي ليه ناسي ليه ليه يا اسمر

يا اسمر قلبي في نار
نار عذابي ونار ظنوني
يا اسمر فكري احتار
الشوق ضناني سهر عيوني
والجرح اللي في قلبي إزاي أدوايه
والدمع اللي في عيني لإمته أداريه
لا أنا باشكي ولا باحكي بس قولي يا حبيبي

قالوا لي الناس هواك حيرة
وقلت أحتار عشان خاطرك
تحيرني تسهرني
كفاية أخطر على فكرك
وأنا راضي بحرماني وحيرتي ويا أشجاني
دا الحب اللي أنا شفته يوم وياك
فرحني ونساني إزاي أنساك
لا أنا باشكي ولا بحكي بس قولي يا حبيبي

أنا شاري هواك يا اسمر بروحي وفرحتي وعمري
وأيام حلوة عشناها راحت وانقضت بدري
ياريت ترجع لياليها وأنا وأنت نعيش فيها
والقلب اللي شغلته سنين بهواك
لوعته وضيعته وقلت فداك
لا أنا باشكي ولا بحكي بس قولي يا حبيبي

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la tudmuri said...

How about "dusky" for asmar?