Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hussain Al-Jasmi - I Love You, I Miss You
حسين الجسمي - بحبك وحشتيني
Bahebik Waheshtini

Hussein Al-Jasmy is a singer for United Arab Emirates and is among the most famous singers of the Gulf region.

Hussain Al-Jasmi - I Love You, I Miss You

I love you, I miss you
I love you and you are the light of my eye
When you look into my eyes
I love you to death
How many times have I searched and searched?
I have not found a home except in your embrace
And I'll tell you I long for you at the top of my voice

And when I was away from you time stood still
As if you could have been with me I moved away and you did not
In the blood of my beloved and my mother
Don't let me be how I am
I moved away form you, but what was I supposed to do?
Who chooses his own estrangement?

But this love of yours I couldn't forget and I live in it
Why be sorry for this absence when you were never asent, always near (because she's in his heart)
No one is as kind and nice as this

حسين الجسمي - بحبك وحشتيني

و بحبك وحشتيني بحبك و انتي نور عيني
ده و انتي مطلعه عيني بحبك موت
لفيت قد ايه لفيت ما لقيت غير في حضنك بيت
و باقولك انا حنيت بعلو الصوت

و كان الوقت في بعدك واقف ما بيمشيش
و كانك كنتي معايا بعدت و ما بعدتيش
في دم حبيبتي و امي و زي ما اكون ما تدعيش
بعدت و كنت هاعمل ايه
مين اختار غربته بايديه

لكن حبك ده ما نستهوش و عايش فيه
ليه اتاسف عالغيبه ما غبتيش لحظه و قريبه
ما حدش عنده كده طيبه و حنيه


ASMA said...
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Khayaal said...

Ahhh thanx so much, I`ve been looking for this song` words & translation!

Anonymous said...

this song is about Egypt, and not about wome. the Video is cut from Film Al rahina.

Andry Ignatov said...

The movie is El Rahina - الرهينة and all scenes are from Lviv and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Full movie here http://www.allomovie.info/videos/el-rahina

Sando Al 3azif Iraqi said...

woww. hussen al jasmi is a remarkable singer.

i've been waiting for so long for these lyrics.

I made a movie for my girlfriend with this song as the background music. then she listened to this tape, and she wanted to know the meaning of these words. Thanks, She's gonna be So Happy

indach said...

I love a "Fagadtik" song by Hussain Al-Jasmi..can u make a translate and the lyric of tht..but in Arabic write..like..
"b7ebbak ana kteer / I love you so much"
just like tht..cuz even I dunno wht was tht,,but Im trying to learning tht..thank u sooo much..
I love arabic song..=P

Unknown said...

One of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard.

Aaremdee said...

Can someone please tell me which song it is of his tht goes something like"hoon adaa"
I dont understand arabic but I heard this song in dubai at his concert with amr diab and fell in love with it. Any help will be appreciated